Mobile Development

NIRD's team is skilled at developing custom mobile applications for Android, iPhone, and iPad. We'll work with you to develop a mobile strategy that solves your most difficult challenges, whether that means a light-weight puzzle game or a multi-platform global launch. Worried about response times? We can optimize your app for speed. Going international? Our experience with localization means that you can launch in multiple countries without laborious changes to your code.

Mobile Application Development

Here at NIRD, we have years of experience handling complex CMS and backend systems, as well as tricky third party API itegrations. We can make sure that your technical architecture is designed to scale easily, and that critical app functions are optimized and tuned for maximum performance.

Why Choose NIRD to Develop Your Mobile App?

NIRD has experience developing successful mobile applications for both Android and iOS. We know the common pitfalls that can snare an app during security reviews, and the best work-arounds to avoid those problems. Our lean, agile methodologies ensure a premium product and quick turnaround times. We'll make sure that your app is well-designed, rigorously tested, and easily maintainable. If you want to launch a game, build a custom enterprise application, or find someone to handle that tough backend problem, NIRD's team can make it happen. Let's get started!

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